Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Update: Jan 16, 2010. is currently dead.

I'm very sorry for abandoning BDcomics.

Sorry guys.

Monday, February 20, 2006

We've moved!

Albright! We're now officially moved!

We're now!

Goodbye to trusty old Blogger. It's time for Wordpress to take over business.

Check out the new look! It's not going to be permanent, I think; but who knows. We're working on a better and nicer design. Until that comes out, we'll use this.

So change your bookmarks to, visitors. The current blog on blogger will continue to be here, but it'll not have new content anymore.

More comics and an even better site is on the way!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Warren Ellis' Ocean

Wildstorm (DC) Comics

Warren Ellis' Ocean

Superstar Writer Warren Ellis returns for a 6-part mini-series that spans the universe!! Beneath the ice of one of Jupiter's moons lies an ocean. The only ocean not on Earth. Here lies the secret of life, as well as it's extinction.Warren Ellis returns with a universe-spanning science-fiction tale! The 6-issue miniseries OCEAN is a fast-paced science-fiction story with brains, attitude and style told by fan-favorite writer Warren Ellis (ORBITER, TRANSMETROPOLITAN) with stunning art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story (TOM STRONG) and covers by Michael Golden (STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES)!

Beyond the inner planets lie the gaseous giants, Jupiter being the largest of all. Orbiting Jupiter is the moon Europa, a hard orb floating in frigid space. Lying beneath Europa's half mile thick mantle of shear ice is an ocean, the only one in the solar system that’s not on Earth. And within those cold waters could rest the key to life on Earth and quite possibly its extinction!

Written by: Warren Ellis

Art by: Chris Sprouse & Karl Story

Thanks to Sampa1 for these comics!

Download links:

Ocean #01 [of 6]

Ocean #02 [of 6]

Ocean #03 [of 6]

Ocean #04 [of 6]

Ocean #05 [of 6]

Ocean #06 [of 6]

Friday, February 17, 2006


Vicente del Pedregal emailed with links to Transmetropolitan. (Thanks!)

Transmetropolitan is a postcyberpunk comic book series written by Warren Ellis with art by Darick Robertson and published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics (originally by Helix). It chronicles the battles of Spider Jerusalem, infamous renegade gonzo journalist of the future. Jerusalem dedicates himself to fighting the corruption and abuse of power of two successive United States presidents; he and his assistants strive to keep their world from turning more dystopian than it already is.

The monthly series began in 1997, and reached its planned conclusion after five years in publication with the 60th issue. It is reprinted in ten trade paperback volumes. Two collections of short vignettes illustrated by different artists have also been published, I Hate It Here and Filth of the City.

From wikipedia. Details at


Download links:

Having troubles with the second link? Try this one:

Batman: The Chalice graphic novel

DC Comics

Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: John Van Fleet

When a mysterious denizen of Gotham City gives Thomas Wayne's son an old box, it sets in motion a series of events that shake Batman's world. Suddenly, dark villains — including "The Demon's Head" Ra's al Ghul, the Penguin, and Catwoman — as well as dozens of mysterious mercenaries are battling to possess the simple drinking bowl now in Batman's hands.
As the battles build to a savage crescendo and deadly duels between combatants are played out, many questions demand to be answered: Could this really be the Holy Grail of legend?
Can even its apparently miraculous abilities keep Batman alive long enough to find out?
And what does one do with it if it is the real thing?

DC Comics:
Batman: The Chalice graphic novel
Download link:

From Thanks to mskouloudis for these.

Sunday, February 12, 2006


We're now!!!

This is our new domain! Nice, isn't it?

And coming soon:

Our own hosing (the site, not the comics).
More people contributing.
More updates.
A nicer site.

And, um.. ads!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Conan the King comics

Conan is a Cimmerian (not to be confused with the historical Cimmerians), a barbarian of the far north; he was born on a battlefield and is the son of a blacksmith. He grew up fast: by age fifteen he was already a respected warrior, participating in the destruction of the Aquilonian outpost of Venarium. After this he was struck by wanderlust and began the colorful and exciting adventures chronicled by Howard (and subsequently, after Howard's death, by others), encountering fabulous monsters, evil wizards, and beautiful wenches and princesses - he has travelled throughout the world and been a thief and outlaw, a mercenary and commander of a mercenary company, and a pirate. He begins building larger units of men, aiming for greater territorial ambitions, though his efforts are repeatedly thwarted - usually by the total massacre of his force excepting himself. But in his forties he finally succeeds, becoming king of Aquilonia, the most powerful kingdom of the age, having strangled the previous ruler on the steps of the throne. Although Conan's adventures often result in him performing heroic feats, his motive is more than often his own survival, enrichment or rise to power and he thus displays many of the characteristics of an anti-hero.

From Wikipedia.

Download links:

Thanks to ekenciz from

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We're upgrading the site!

Dear visitors and comics lovers!

It's been a pleasure to be with you so far. I never thought that the site would grow in to a size like this so soon. But it did!

When I started the site, I planned it to be an online achieve or gallery of the local Bangladeshi comics. The first comic links were put up only to serve as temporary content. But then, the "temporary content" turned out to be most interesting among the visitors; no surprises at that.

And just look at it now: four hundred visitors without any advertisement or promotion (well, that, if you don't count me mentioning the site every week in my column in the biggest national daily of the country…)! But that doesn't count, does it? Most of the visitors are from outside Bangladesh anyway.

Just imagine what'd it grow into if we start promoting the site!

For all these months, Blogger has been a very nice host. I loved the easiness and the simplicity of it. It was so easy to open the "create new post" page, write stuff in it, copy the links, upload the pics and submitting it. Easily done. But that's where the fun ends. It's too simple. It misses out too many needed features.

I want to sort the posts by categories and tags; make the posts browsable page by page so that you don't have to dig through the achieves for something recent that you've missed… and it needed to looks cleaner and better. I didn't like the previous chocolate-cream look and although I this new black looks pretty cool in Firefox, it looks awful in IE and Opera.

So here's what I'm thinking we should do:

First, as I've mentioned in the earlier post, we're getting a domain name. sounds nice and you guys apparently like it. I like it too, but would have liked a .com name a bit better. Ah well. We're getting that domain, but I'm still open to suggestions.

Also, we've clearly outgrown Blogger. We need something better, more efficient and something that has more features. Wordpress looks promising! It does all the things that we'd need and more. What do you say?

As for the hosting, me and my friend BDgamer has got it covered.

All that sounds great, doesn't it?

We're getting a domain name!

Typing that "blogspot" part of the site's current URL is such a chore! That's why we're getting a domain name.

So now I'm asking you. What the domain should be? is the obvious choice. But some French dudes have already bought that name, so the next best choice is Or is it?

So, what do you suggest?

Black Panther comics

Black Panther comics

Download link:
(thanks to BadMoJo of


And issues 10 to 12
(thanks to lord m of

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tomorrow Stories

Tomorrow Stories was a comicbook series created by the legendary Alan Moore, for his America's Best Comics (ABC) line, published by Wildstorm (now a subsidiary of DC Comics).

Tomorrow Stories started in August 1999 as a collection of short stories featuring the same characters (give or take one or two) every issue. These characters were:

* Cobweb - Created by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie.
* First American - Created by Alan Moore and Jim Baikie.
* Greyshirt - Created by Alan Moore and Rick Veitch.
* Jack B. Quick - Created by Alan Moore and Kevin Nowlan.
* Splash Brannigan - Created by Alan Moore and Hilary Barta.

An initial title in the eagerly awaited America's Best Comics line, Tomorrow Stories, was unfortunately met with much dislike from fans. With each character only given a few pages per issue to develop, it took sometime before even Alan Moore seemed completely in stride with the characters. Indeed it wasn't really until the last six issues that Tomorrow Stories really became something good. Unfortunately by then sales had dropped so low that it was discontinued.

Tomorrow Stories
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Download links:

Thanks to fistagon for emailing these links in!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Superman Birthright

DC Universe (November 1, 2004)
ISBN: 1401202519

Written by Mark Waid
Art and cover by Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan

A new softcover edition collecting the 12-issue miniseries that features the entire modern-day retelling of Superman. Superman's origins have been imagined and reimagined over the years. Here is a new take on the character's roots. Superman: Birthright retells the early chapters of Superman's story, from escape as an infant from the doomed planet Krypton to arrival as reporter Clark Kent at the Daily Planet and his first public exploits. Writer Waid puts his own spin on the legend, rethinking nearly every aspect of the venerable character while remaining respectful of his established history. Waid wisely integrates ideas from the popular TV series smallville but doesn't slavishly follow its innovations; for instance, a young Lex Luthor befriends Clark in high school, but unlike in the series, his sinister nature is clear even then. Waid similarly tweaks the rest of the well-known cast, from Lois Lane and Clark's other Planet colleagues to Ma and Pa Kent. Ironically, though he updates the character, Waid evokes Superman's pre-World War II incarnation, whom his Depression-reared creators kept engaged in righting society's ills. Leinil Francis Yu's stylized artwork is expressively dynamic to the point of caricature, but this larger-than-life visual approach befits the retelling of a myth.

Download links:

Thanks to kadusha from the forum for the link.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Email from BDcomics

Visitors, this is BDcomics. The site's not getting updates for quite some time. I'm sorry for that. My PC is a total mess and I've been offline all this time.

Sent from my cellphone.

Thanks, guys, for your support. I'm hoping to be back soon... but my PC has to be replaced and I've got stupid exams till 27th...

Can't wait to be back..

Friday, December 30, 2005

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

"There's never been storytelling quite like this. It took someone who views comics as an art to create it."---Washington Post

This masterpiece of modern comics storytelling brings to vivid life a dark world and an even darker man. Together with inker Klaus Janson and colorist Lynn Varley, writer/artist Frank Miller completely reinvents the legend of Batman in his saga of a near-future Gotham City gone to rot, ten years after the Dark Knight's retirement.

Crime runs rampant in the streets, and the man who was Batman is still tortured by the memories of his parents' murders. As civil society crumbles around him, Bruce Wayne's long-suppressed vigilante side finally breaks free of its self-imposed shackles.

The Dark Knight returns in a blaze of fury, taking on a whole new generation of criminals and matching their level of violence. He is soon joined by this generation's Robin — a girl named Carrie Kelley, who proves to be just as invaluable as her predecessors,

But can Batman and Robin deal with the threat posed by their deadliest enemies, after years of incarceration have made them into perfect psychopaths? And more important, can anyone survive the coming fallout of an undeclared war between the superpowers — or a clash of what were once the world's greatest superheroes?

Over fifteen years after its debut, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns remains an undisputed classic and one of the most influential stories ever told in the comics medium.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
Download links:

Part 1:
Part 2:

Thanks to erdem170 from for this one!

Avaxhome member akas also put up these (thanks!):

Original jpeg files combined in Acrobat and available in RS: (32.42 MB) (27.31 MB)

"This is one of the best EVER !!! I got it in two English editions (soft/hardback) & one translated in my native language. It really IS WORTH your download !!!"

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Batman: Prodigal

Batman: Prodigal

Download links:

part 01 of 12:
part 02 of 12:
part 03 of 12:
part 04 of 12:
part 05 of 12:
part 06 of 12:
part 07 of 12:
part 08 of 12:
part 09 of 12:
part 10 of 12:
part 11 of 12:
part 12 of 12:

Thanks to ONEz from and vansky for these.

Daredevil Legends: Yellow

Yet another masterpiece by the team of writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale(Batman: A Long Halloween, Superman: For All Seasons, Hulk: Gray). When these two work together, magic happens.

This, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful, and possibly THE most beautiful Daredevil story ever written. This TPB is about Matt Murdock remembering his humble beginnings as Daredevil, and his first love, Karen Page. By the way, the book is called Daredevil: Yellow because the original Daredevil actually had a mainly yellow costume, later changed to all red. Anyways, this book tells of DD's origins, his boxer father, his run-ins with several villians like the Owl and Electro, and of course, his love for Karen Page. With guest appearance by the Fantastic Four, just a short cameo appearance though. This story is so touching and beautiful, you'll find yourself reading it again and again. I, for one, read the book in one sitting. Jeph Loeb did a superb job here writing this masterpiece story.

Now let's not forget the beautiful art by Tim Sale. His art in here is soft and beatiful, and works so well with the touching storyline by Jeph Loeb. The illustrations really put you right there with Matt and Karen in the comic book.

A must-have, especially if you are a Daredevil fan, beautiful, touching, and definitely a masterpeice. Other Marvel books by this team of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale are Spider-man: Blue, and Hulk: Gray, both are also beautiful and touching, just like DD: Yellow. If you like this, I suggest you get yourself the other two books. Enjoy!

Review by Not the Face

Daredevil Legends: Yellow
6 Part Series from 2001

Download link:

Thanks to senatorpitt1111 from for this.

Mutopia X: The House of M limited series

The Final Issue of Mutopia X!
Mutopia X [House of M] #05

This completes the Mutopia X.

The other four issues were already posted:

Mutopia X [House of M] #01
Mutopia X [House of M] #02
Mutopia X [House of M] #03
Mutopia X [House of M] #04

Thanks to Sampa1 from for all these.

More comics from the House of M series have aslo been posted.

And thanks to jumpback, also from ProjectW, here's the lead-in to the events of House Of M:

Avengers Disassembled


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Asterix and the falling sky

Asterix and the falling sky

Book Description
The first new Asterix album for four years has been eagerly awaited by his millions of fans

The Gauls have only one fear: that the sky may fall on their heads tomorrow. But tomorrow never comes, says Chief Vitalstatistix. Or does it? It looks as if it's come at last for Asterix, Obelix and the other villagers. And some surprising new characters fall along with the sky. Our friends soon find themselves in the middle of a space race... This new Asterix story, the first in four years, is a brilliant and hilarious tale of misunderstandings that will be loved by his millions of fans around the world.

This book brilliant. Its is witty, sharp, full of childrens' and adults' humour. Traditionalists will find it difficult as Uderzo is not living in the past but trying to keep Asterix moving forward. With digs at Manga, Disney and G W Bush, this is hilarious in the same way Obelix and Co was.

The art as always is beautiful with real attention to detail. If anything, Uderzo is keeping up with modern Bande Dessine writing, the Continental Europeans will love this. Those brits who don't like change and growth then read the old adventures but if you like to see characters change and grow and develop then open your eyes, buy, read and enjoy!

Download links: 8.00 MB 8.00 MB 8.00 MB 7.84 MB

Password: Counterstrike

Thanks to Attacksnac from for these!

Asterix collection

Asterix -01- Asterix the Gaul.pdf
Asterix -02- Asterix in Spain.pdf
Asterix -03- Asterix in Britain.pdf
Asterix -04- Asterix and Cleopatra.pdf
Asterix -05- Asterix and the Goths.pdf
Asterix -06- Asterix The Gladiator.pdf
Asterix -07- Asterix The Legionary.pdf
Asterix -08- Asterix in Switzerland.pdf
Asterix -09- Asterix and The Big Fight.pdf
Asterix -10- Asterix and the Roman Agent.pdf
Asterix -11- The Mansions of the Gods.pdf
Asterix -12- Asterix at the Olympic Games.pdf
Asterix -13- Asterix and the Laurel Wreath.pdf
Asterix -14- Asterix and the Soothsayer.pdf
Asterix -15- Asterix and the Golden Sickle.pdf
Asterix -16- Asterix and the Great Crossing.pdf
Asterix -17- Asterix and the Cauldron.pdf
Asterix -18- Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield.pdf
Asterix -19- Asterix and Caesar's Gift.pdf
Asterix -20- Asterix and the Normans.pdf
Asterix -22- Obelix and Co.pdf
Asterix -23- Asterix and the Banquet.pdf
Asterix -24- Asterix in Corsica.pdf
Asterix -25- Asterix in Belgium.pdf
Asterix -26- Asterix and the Great Divide.pdf
Asterix -27- Asterix and the Black Gold.pdf
Asterix -28- Asterix and Son.pdf
Asterix -29- Asterix Versus Caesar.pdf
Asterix -30- Asterix and the Magic Carpet.pdf
Asterix -32- Asterix and the Secret Weapon.pdf
Asterix -33- How Obelix Fell into the Magic Potion.pdf
Asterix -34- Asterix Conquers America.pdf
Asterix -35- Asterix and Obelix all at Sea.pdf
Asterix -36- Asterix and the Actress.pdf

File type: Pdf
Language: English
Size: 500MB

Asterix collection.

Download links:

Password: dimitris

Thanks to phil_ga
from for these!

The Complete Guide to Asterix

"Find out some of the ingredieants for Getafix's magic potion. Indepth discushions with Uderzo about the creation of Asterix (Did you know he has a soft spot for chickens?) And finaly translate all those laten quotes that have been eluding you for years. This is the best Asterix book you could pick up!" From the Amazon's product page.

104 pages.

The Complete Guide to Asterix:


Thanks to DobermanN and r3d_d3v1l from for these!

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